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Change Log 1/04/2021

January 4, 2021

This update changes the following:


  • Power arrows now set players on fire (they previously only lit the floor where they exploded on fire)
  • Followers can be told to stop following the player Followers will resume following the player if hit by a non follower/leader
  • Iron golems are naturally aggressive towards supernaturals
  • Added blood vials for Vampires
  • Temp Removed ChatColorPlus
  • Added a new and improved anti-cheat
  • General Server Optimizations
  • Economy Changes are in progress


  • Witch-hunter bounties should be working
  • The class information command should now display the set magic value from config instead of the defaults
  • Followers will work when changing to a different class Zombies horses, skeleton horses, and phantoms are no longer considered monsters and cannot be spawned by the summon undead follower spell (not considered undead monsters in minecrafts own code and would break if spawned)
  • Fixed while in alter with spells open if you put ability book into the alter it will delete your hotbar
  • Fixed being able to move spell icons into chests
  • Fixed deleting items stored in the hotbar by moving the hotbar switcher around in the inventory using hotkeys
  • Fixed players being able to hand out negative bounties

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