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Protect yourself before it’s too late!

January 9, 2021

Faction Servers should be known by the majorities as a place where you can kill people and take their land and stuff. However some of you may not know the different tricks on how to destroy peoples lands without going through all of that hard work. This blog post will be here to show you some things to do to prevent yourself from potentially falling victim.

Creeper Trouble

Walking a creeper into someone’s land and having it blow up is something that’s extremely easy to do, and extremely efficient in raiding someone’s base. Time and time again I’ve seen people with claimed land and chests out there in the open. Having a creeper blow up is an easy way to take everything you own. You can prevent this by making it more difficult for the individual, add walls, put it higher above ground in the middle of your base or have obsidian walls around your base.

Demon’s Explosions

This is the same thing as Creeper Trouble, demons are able to blow up doors, walls, etc. with their explosions and you should do exactly the same as creeper trouble to prevent this. Fun fact, having netherite block and sticky pistons will create an impenetrable door!

Flaming Arrows of HECK

Witchhunters have the capability to shoot fire arrows and power arrows that cause fire around them. This being said they can easily catch anything wooden on fire. If you have a wooden home, walls, etc. you’re not safe from this sort of attack on your area. You can prevent this by making everything non-flammable or putting walls around anything wooden such as your wooden homes or base to prevent people from being able to destroy it with fire.

Hide your kids, hide your farms and hide your animals!

You can kill animals in factions, horses, dogs, cats, the whole nine yards, as well as jump on wheat to destroy it. This being said make sure you have walls around those sensitive items to prevent people from getting to them. Whilst also keeping with the fact of all other stuff above.

Stay safe everyone, and remember to be smart when building a base, plan ahead and expect people to try and grief you. It’s the way of a faction server, so prepare against it.

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