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Information on the Wipe

February 7, 2021

The votes came back and it was overwhelmingly sided for a server wipe. Because the community has voted we will be doing a hard wipe when we enter the official Beta stage of the server. There will be only a few things that are kept.

Your Role will be kept, and all who played in Alpha and have reached at least the rank of Member will be promoted to ALPHA which will only ever be given this one time. This way you stand out as a player. On top of that cosmetics will also be kept.

From now until the wipe (and after) you will be able to kill bosses, these bossed have a chance to drop a book that, when redeemed gives you an exclusive cosmetic for that class.

The wipe will be done to allow us to switch over to a new map, this map will have enhanced biomes which means they are significantly larger than average biomes, with 3 layers of them that spans from large structures, mountains, and more for each biome. They look absolutely stunning. With that we will also have a town made for each class, and they will be in a separate biome meaning they could be over 10k blocks away. Fret not, we will have portals that will transfer you around 1k blocks away, which will act as a sort of RTP and gateway to traverse closer to the town you’d like to be. We will have NPCs and quests in each town. Higher chance for mobs to spawn as the biomes will be larger, as well as more places to explore for each class!

There’s a lot of stuff going on with the wipe, and we feel it’s better to get it out of the way now than later. On top of that, this will more than likely be the final hard wipe, though we’re not making any promises. We may have some soft wipes which may remove specific things from everyone, but it more than likely isn’t going to be everything like it is now. So, you don’t have much to fear about this happening again!

The wipe will happen around 2 weeks – 4 weeks from now, but could be sooner or later. Those are the rough estimates thus far. So bare with us while we transition into Beta!

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