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Update 0.9.7 Major Update #1

February 5, 2021

We’ve added a TON of new, rich features to the game just now! With that in mind, there may be some stability issues which dev is currently working on. Please bare with us whilst we work on that. These features also haven’t been fully added as of now and may not work properly. We will be spending next week to ensure everything functions as intended!

  • 1.16.5 Update! All items that comes with that are include. (You can still use previous versions)
  • Cosmetics capability added
  • ability to type code to remove cosmetics from hotbar
  • Mobs now drop money
  • NPCs
  • Quests
  • Boss Monsters which drop Rare enchantments, rare items, supernatural
  • items, Magika, and more!
  • Rank ups are now automatic
  • Shopkeepers & Shops
  • MCMMO Overhaul
  • Supernatural Improvements & Updates
  • Player Trading
  • Auction House

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