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Class Information



Vampires (Melee DPS):

Gains Magika By:

      • Killing Creatures
      • Killing Players
    • Passive Abilities:
      • Water Breathing (Drains Magic)
      • Health Regeneration (Drains Magic)
      • Increased Attack Damage 2x
      • Combat Damage Reduction
      • Fall Damage Immunity
      • Truce with Some Monsters (Creepers, Spiders, Zombies, Skeletons
    • Active Abilities:
      • Set Teleport Location - Uses 0 Magic
      • Teleport - Uses 1000 Magic
      • High Jump - Uses 800 Magic
      • Create Bloodrose Potion – Uses 10000 Magic (Only cast once, takes 10 health)
    • Weaknesses:
      • Catch Fire in Sunlight (if not wearing Gold Helm Uses 100 Magic ever 3 seconds)
      • Increased Damage Taken from Wooden Objects 4x
      • Can't use any Wooden Object
      • Cannot Eat Food

Ability Information:

  • Teleport: Left clicking will set up your teleport location, and right clicking will use up your magic and teleport you back to the set location.
  • High Jump: This will cause you to jump significantly high into the air, allowing you to jump over most buildings, and obstructions.
  • Create Bloodrose Potion: You will be able to create a potion, that when drank, turns a Human into a Vampire.


How to become a Vampire:

  • Go to the Unholy Church ( -517, 88, 1597) and pray to the Unholy Altar. Choose Vampire
  • Die by another Vampire: 12.5%
  • Die by a bat: 10%


How to remove Vampirism:

  • Being cured or Exorcised by a priest.


Vampire Area:

  • Deaths Castle: -517, 88, 1597