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  • IP: Supernatural.Network

Rules of the Land

The server is a pretty relaxed, and chill place. We allow PVP, Griefing, destruction, etc. However we do have some rules, and these rules are crucial to follow.

  • Do not absolutely decimate someone’s base without good reason. If they have stuff you want, raid it, but if they have something amazing built don’t just destroy it to be a dick. You’re allowed to steal their land and claim it as your own but don’t outright destroy someone’s hard work for no good reason.
  • NO EXPLOITS. This is hands down the biggest rule, no ways to avoid the AFK timer, no auto clickers, no bots, hacks, x-rays, etc. These will NOT be tolerated and will be bannable the moment we find out.
  • Do not argue in chat, no one wants to see this, rage at each other over /f chat, discord, whisper, or anything thing outside of global chat.
  • Do not cuss/curse people out.
  • No racist or hate speech.
  • no inappropriate slurs/saying spammed in chat.
  • No spamming in chat, to include caps lock sentences.
  • No killing non agro pets, there’s no reason for that and most people have sentiment in their pets.
  • Rules may change at any time and it’s up to you to keep up with them.