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Patch Notes 12/1/2020

December 2, 2020

We’ve updated a lot of things with the server and some things may change with gameplay because of it. First, we’ve made the spawn class friendly. Ghouls, vampires, etc. will now be able to go throughout the spawn without getting hit as we’ve added a ceiling to most of the spawn. Secondly we’ve added a map on our website so you’re able to see what’s going on. We now have working money system and a votifier which allows you to vote for us on all of our top sites for a free and easy $50 per server. Lava buckets are now placable, and fire spread has been turned on. There’s a few other updates you can view the full list below!

  • + 5 Second delay added to teleports system teleports
  • + 60 second cooldown between teleports
  • – No longer notifies you if you didn’t receive mail
  • + Payout works properly
  • – Removed VIP font
  • + Allocated Resources
  • + Fixed Level Restrictions
  • + Added Voting & Rewards
  • + Fire Spread
  • + Dynmap
  • + Added Supernatural Locations and how to become SN classes on the website
  • + Added locations of all towns on the website

  • + Added FAQ to the website

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