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Class Areas Part 1

July 13, 2020

Our goal for this server is to create a MMO feeling to the game, and what better way to do that than have an area/town for every class. On top of that, eventually we will have Quests that are specifically geared towards each class.

Below are some images of each classes town/area.

Unholy Area

This area consists around the Unholy Altar, which is visited by Necromancers and Vampires.

Werewolf Town

This area is a small village in the middle of nowere (see what I did there) that’s perfect for Werewolves to live with one another. (Keep in mind this is still being developed as well as all other locations)

Witchhunter Port

As a human class that needs to get around the globe easily in order to wipe out the threat of the world (Supernaturals) their cult decided to set up shop at a port, surrounded by the Great Tree.

Holy Church

This church is home to all that is holy (Priests and soon to be Angels), far from anyone or anything those who wish to take the path of Priest will have to trek the long, and dangerous journey to this church. Only then, can you join the holy crusade.

Demonic Spawn

This is the only town in the game with an Anchor Point, all others have a lodeblock, however this area is designed to keep demons in the area. A close nit group of demons are a force to be reckoned with.

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